Toro Sales Programs

Toro Sales Programs

Toro Fleet Rebate: Purchase 12 or more points in any combination of Toro LCE, Turf Renovation, Tree Care, or qualifying snow products. Must be purchased on a maximum of 2 invoices in a 12-month timeframe.

Fleet pricing will begin with the qualifying order. Does not apply to the 1st invoice if purchased on 2 orders.

To extend fleet pricing, a total of 9 points must be purchased in months 13-24 to qualify for a 12-month extension.

Toro Mini Fleet Program: Purchase 7 points in any combination of Toro LCE, Turf Renovation, or Spreader/Sprayer products.

Mini fleet pricing is only available on the initial order. Can upgrade to full fleet by purchasing a second order of 5+ points in a 12-month period.

Fleet Sales Equipment Point Values Points/Unit Mini Fleet
Commercial & Heavy Duty WPMs, Snow Throwers over $500 MSRP 0.5 No
TurfMaster, Z Master Collection Systems, Walk-Behind Turf Renovation 1 Yes
Mid-Sized Walk-Behind, Power Broom 2 Yes
Brush Chipper 3 Yes
Z Masters (excluding 2000 series), GrandStand, Riding Turf Renovation, Spreader/Sprayer 4 Yes
DCZ 6 Yes

American Hero's Support Program: To honor the men and women who serve the public, Toro is proud to offer an 18% discount on all LCE (landscape contractor) equipment purchased by one of the following:

  • All current or former military (must provide valid military ID)
  • Firefighters (must provide IAFF identification)
  • Police officers (must provide FOP identification)
  • MT (must provide identification)

Programs cannot be combined with any other Toro sponsored discount or rebate program but can be combined with retail financing offers.